ASP.NET and IIS7 on vista business

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by ma, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. ma

    ma Guest


    I am new to IIS and ASP.NET. I wrote my first ASP.NET and I want to deploy
    in to a system which has Vista Business and IIS7. I copied my files to the
    target computer and created a virtual directory. I add default.aspx to the
    list of default pages for the virtual directory. My problems are:

    1- On vista computer I am trying to see the output of my ASP.NET
    application. When I open an IE and point it to localhost/myapplication, it
    gives me an error 404.3 and the description for the error is: the mime type
    for the page is not known (it could not detect how to process aspx files).
    How can I solve this problem?

    2- When I am trying to connect to IIS server from other computer in the
    network, I am getting http 404 error (file or directory not found). It even
    can not find the vdir that I created.

    Any help or any point to tutorial is very appreciated.

    ma, Jan 7, 2008
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  2. Eliyahu Goldin, Jan 7, 2008
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  3. ma

    ma Guest

    Thanks for your information but I have problem running this command:

    I open a command window in Vista and run the following command:

    aspnet.regiis.exe -i

    but I am getting the error that aspnet_regiss.exe is not a command.
    Apparently it is not known by vista and it is not in its path.

    any suggestion?


    ma, Jan 7, 2008
  4. You need to go to the Visual Studio command prompt. Find it in

    Start > Programs >Microsoft Visual Studio 200x > Visual Studio Tools

    Eliyahu Goldin,
    Software Developer
    Microsoft MVP [ASP.NET]

    Eliyahu Goldin, Jan 7, 2008
  5. ma

    ma Guest

    I don't have VS on that computer. Do I need a VS which is supposed to
    work as a server?


    ma, Jan 7, 2008
  6. No, you don't need VS. Just go to your framework directory. like


    Eliyahu Goldin,
    Software Developer
    Microsoft MVP [ASP.NET]

    Eliyahu Goldin, Jan 7, 2008
  7. ma

    David Wang Guest

    The resolution here is to install ASP.Net support into IIS7, not run

    You will need to enable the ASP.Net Feature in IIS7 to be able to run
    your ASP.Net application on it, and this is how you do it:
    Open Control Panel
    Programs\Turn Windows Features on or off
    Internet Information Services
    World Wide Web Services
    Application development Features
    ASP.Net <-- check mark here

    When you do that checkmark, several other dependency features will
    auto select. That is ok.

    For those interested in the details and rationales
    This is an additional step not required of IIS6 since IIS6 installed
    everything by default and gave you no such choice. IIS7 allows
    ultimate customization and configuration of what is installed, but
    that leaves open the possibility that you may try to run something for
    which you have not installed proper support since default IIS7
    installation is very spartan and secure.

    If you get 404.3 from IIS7 running ASP.Net page is it most likely
    because you did not install ASP.Net support in IIS7. Default IIS7
    installation only serves static files, which means that when it tries
    to serve .aspx as a static file it won't find a MIME Type defined
    for .aspx (it shouldn't -- .aspx needs to be processed on the server,
    not returned verbatim to the client), and thus return 404.3.

    Getting a 404.3 for .aspx means that the handler definition for .aspx
    is missing, so the request is incorrectly falling through to the
    static file handler. And the .aspx handler is missing because ASP.Net
    Feature is not installed to add it. Even if you use aspnet_regiis.exe
    to generate the handler configuration, you *still* need to install the
    actual binaries implementing ASP.Net as Windows Features, and
    aspnet_regiis.exe cannot do that. ASP.Net functionality needs at least
    the ISAPI Extension and ISAPI Filter Features for Classic Mode and Web
    Engine for Integrated Mode, none of which are installed by default nor
    installable by aspnet_regiis.exe.

    Now, IIS7 is not installed by default, and the default IIS
    configuration only serves static files with anonymous authentication.
    It does not serve CGI, ISAPI, ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, Perl, etc -- nothing
    other than static HTML. This is the secure "default" configuration.


    David Wang, Jan 10, 2008
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