USBLock : lock/unlock your computer with a USB key



I've been working on a little project and have a working Linux
implementation so far. Basically it allows a user to use any USB stick as a
key to lock and unlock their computer. More info in the repo or PyPi

Basically run the program with -a to add a device (added once you insert
it), then run it without any arguments. Insert the key again, and when you
remove it your computer will lock. Insert the key again and it will unlock.
It's not intended to provide military grade security, it's more of a
convenience tool to launch built in screen locking software.

Currently it locks a Linux box with xlock, pending a better solution.

I wrote it as an exercise in playing around with USB media and events, and
also because I needed a use for these old USB keys I have lying around :)

Always looking for contributions, suggestions and improvements. Especially
OS X and Win support.


Thanks for your time.


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