Using App_GlobalResources in 'ASP.NET Web Application' with children 'ASP.NET Web App

Oct 10, 2008
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I am working in a VS2008 Solution called CRS_Front.sln, that contains a home site called CRS_Home. CRS_Home is an 'ASP.NET Web Application'.

CRS_Front.sln contains other 'ASP.NET Web Applications' like:
- PersonFront
- ScanSignatureFront
- etc., etc.

CRS_Home project has references to other Children 'ASP.NET Web Application', then CRS_Home is a IIS Application and children are into CRS_Home virtual directory. Children 'ASP.NET Web Application'are not set as an IIS application.

I included an image with the example.

This solution is working OK, but now I am adding the App_GlobalResources to each 'ASP.NET Web Application', parent and children, in CRS_Home codebehind and in the children 'ASP.NET Web Applications' codebehind I could add each Global resources file that I added to the projects. In runtime I have errors because the global resources files of children 'ASP.NET Web Applications' are not found. As a workaround I copy the .resx files from each child 'ASP.NET Web Application to the parent 'ASP.NET Web Application' App_GlobalResources folder, and the site it is working.

What is wrong in this solution? Only one App_GlobalResources folder is allowed into an ASP.NET site and IIS application?

Ivan Sarachman


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