using client application services with windows authentication - wh



using client application services with windows authentication - where are my


I am trying to use client application services. This is a new feature of
..NET3.5 to leverage the ASP.NET provider model to winforms. I am using the
sample application that can be found on All the
examples that I can find use the membership provider and the role provider
together. However in my situation I have to use windows authentication
instead of the membership provider and I want to combine that with a custom
sql role provider and profile provider.

I added a user to the aspnetdb database in the sample application with the
same name (domain\username) as the windows login name. I then set the
authentication in the sample winforms project to windows but I leave the role
provider pointing to the website. Now I can log in using windows (leaving
username and password blank) but the role provider can no longer find my
roles even though there is a user in the database with the exact same name as
the windows login.

Does anyone know if there is a solution for this problem?



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