Client Application Services



I have been working toward getting the Client Application Services to
authenticate to a WCF service on an IIS6 server. So far, I have the
System.Web.Security.Membership.ValidateUser method working as I would expect,
the part I am having difficulty with is securing a specific service. For
example, I have a a number of WCF servves hosted on a an IIS6 platform. I
have enabled the <serviceHostingEnvironment
aspNetCompatibilityEnabled="true" /></system.serviceModel> in the hopes I
could use the <authorization> element to secure different .svc files to
specific roles. So far I have not had much luck getting this to work from the
Windows Form application, I can see the credentials getting passed form the
Client Application, but the web site redirects the user to the login page. I
have also verified that it woks using a web client usinga login.aspx page.

The real bummer, even if I did get this to work, I am not sure its a great
solution, as I would like to have a something that acts more like a basic
authentication request, maps to a AspMemebershipProvider, so that I can allow
other, non clients have secured access to the wcf services.. Not
fully sure how to do this ?

Thanks for any ideas :)


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