using formview control



First off I am really new to .NET so ...
What I need to do is use one drop down list to populate another.
I found an example of this and it works great, however the example
does not show how to use the end result to load the data into my DB.

So I used a sql source control set to new, edit, delete and then added a
formview control.
I went ahead and edited the template in insert mode and placed the drop down
lists in.

My problem then is that I can't get the second drop down list to appear in
the properties
window when you set up your WHERE clause.

When configuring the WHERE clause you are given a series of drop down lists
to fill in.
The top right control on the WHERE clause window lets you choose the control
on the page.
This works great when the drop down control is not inside of a formview
control, but place
the control inside of the formview control and the only thing you will see
is the formview control.

Can anyone advise?

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