Using python to extend a python app

Discussion in 'Python' started by dataangel, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. dataangel

    dataangel Guest

    I'm writing a python app that works as a replacement for the menu that
    comes with most minimalist wms when you right click the root window.
    It's prettier and written completely in python.

    I'd like to provide hooks or some system so that people can write their
    own extensions to the app, for example adding fluxbox options, and then
    fluxbox users can choose to use that extension. But I'm not sure how to
    implement it.

    Right now the best idea I have is to have all desired extensions in a
    folder, import each .py file in that folder as a module using
    __import__, and then call some predetermined method, say "start", and
    pass it the menu as it exists so far so they can add to it, start(menu).
    This seems kind of hackish.

    I looked at how gdesklets handles this, but its solution looks way more
    complex than I'd prefer to have to dive into for this tiny app.

    What's the most pythonic way to do this? How do apps that extend
    themselves with python usually do this?
    dataangel, Mar 24, 2005
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  2. That looks pretty reasonable, and easy. There have been some recent
    threads (in the past month or so) on plugins, so you might want to
    search the archives. Most of it's revolved around not using exec :)

    I just had a look at pyblosxom (one program that I know that uses
    plugins), and it uses exactly this approach, with some extra frills:
    looking in subdirectories, for instance.
    David M. Cooke, Mar 24, 2005
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