using SQLalchemy


andrea crotti

We have a very chaotic database (on MySql) at the moment, with for
example table names used as keys to query other tables (but that's just
an example).

We are going to redesign it but first I still have to replace the
perl+vbscript system with only one Python program, so I still have to
deal with the current state.

I'm trying to use SQLalchemy and it looks absolutely great, but in
general as a policy we don't use external dependencies..

To try to do an exception in this case:
- are there any problems with SQLalchemy on Windows?
- are there any possibly drawbacks of using SQLalchemy instead of the
MySqlDB interface?

For the second point I guess that we might have a bit less fine
tuning, but the amount of data is not so much and speed is also not a
bit issue (also because all the queries are extremely inefficient

Any other possible issue?



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