Virtual webcam using JMF?




I posted this same question on a Sun Java discussion forum, but did not
get any response so far, so I'm trying mu lick here...

I'm just beginning to work with JMF - played a bit with it, especially
with creating effect filters. Now I think need a nudge in the right
direction, because it seems I'm stuck on something...

Here is what I'm trying to do (I don't know if it's even possible): I
have a simple video effect filter that works on realtime the data from
a webcam. Is it possible to somehow register the output stream from
this filter as another capture device (?) (in Windows) that can be used
in turn by third-party software (movie capture, skype, etc.)? Say, if I
have the following:


Is this possible at all, or I'm looking in the docs for something
that's just not there?


- Alex

P.S. Replies of the type "RTFM" are OK, especially if they contain info
_where_ in the FM to read, :)


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