Visual Studio 2003 ASP.NET Re-writing


Richard Bailey

Howdy. I've got a simple problem that has been driving me bananas.
Most of our website is still written in ASP.NET 1.1. While working on
some web apps visual studio will take some tags like :

<form id=Form1 method=post encType="multipart/form-data" runat="server">

And re-write them to be

<form id=Form1 method=post encType=multipart/form-data runat="server">

While switching from HTML view to design view. I don't mind tags
without quotes but that tag throws a "server tag is not well formed
error" without the quotes around the encType. I've been working around
it by starting VS in HTML view and staying out of design view but for
obvious reasons thats not very convenient.

It seems to be pretty random about what it will re-write and remove the
quotes from. I've tried shutting off just about everything I can in the
editor settings but haven't had any luck. Any idea how I can stop it
from doing this?

Thanks in advance





VS2003 had a nasty habit of doing this which is one of the reasons why
I never look at the design window. Personally, I don't see the point
in it as it isn't a browser and doesn't process your page, so at best
it has a guess at what the page may look like. A guess isn't really
good enough as your users will never see what VS thinks the page will
look like, so the easiest method is to simply run the page and view
what it looks like in several browsers of your choice.


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