Ways to Debug ASP.NET ?

Apr 3, 2007
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I have an interesting and rare situation. There is an single stand-alone ASPX and C sharp file I am debugging. It is not part of a project or web site.

It runs with other files and libraries within a folder of other aspx files and other supporting files. Normally I could debug the file by loading it locally in Visual Studio and attaching it to a copy of the web site running from local host. But here is the tricky part and the thorn in my side. The aspx file uses a lot of libraries that are part of the CMS system we have and the associated database is particular of what clients have access to content on the server.

So my best and immediate solution to this problem is to use some sort of method of writing out to file and/or having pop up windows to show the process. How can I do this in aspx? How can I do this in C sharp?


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