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Discussion in 'HTML' started by Klaus T., Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Klaus T.

    Klaus T. Guest

    Hi folks,

    We are looking for a Web Design program that uses an external database
    for the listing of products, including the creation of separate HTML
    pages for each product depending on the number of entries in the DB.

    I have been using NetObjects Fusion (NOF) so far, but we are now at
    the point, where this should be running on a Mac machine. NOF allows
    you to design the layout of the page which then is duplicated for each
    product found in the database.

    Note: I'm not talking about an online DB, but a local DB used to
    compile the HTML pages before uploading. In our case, the DB holds
    text only, describing each product, giving the name and article number
    and a (local) link to the picture and user manual for it.

    A must: The sources for the WebSite should be usable on both OS,
    Windows and Mac. NOF only works under Windows.

    BTW: It's not a Web Shop that we want to create, just a simple way to
    add a product to the database (and the Site) without dealing with the
    associated adding of Menu entries and HTML pages for the new

    Any ideas ?

    (Since everybody is reading alt. html and nobody
    alt.html.editors.webedit, I'm trying here.)

    Thanks in advance,
    Klaus T., Nov 10, 2005
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