New coder with a focus on animating web banners

Dec 15, 2022
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Hello all

I have come into coding pretty late in life. I come from a design/artworking background but have developed an interest in coding in recent years.

I attended a course the General Assembly in London and have a basic understanding of front end web development. I can create websites (often using Bootstrap or Foundation) but have increasingly focused on producing animated web banners. I have chosen to use Greensock GSAP to help create animated web banners and I am looking to develop my skills in this area. The hope is that I can offer this service to clients (in additional to my advanced skills in designing and creating web assets).

My question is what is the best way for me to develop my skills. I create the web banners in the ‘old’ way of the content being created in the html file with a linked CSS and JS file. But when I had to amend some files for an existing client, the content, animation and styling was to be found in the JS file. I only had to make some text amends so was pretty simple for me to deliver the amended files but if I had to make significant amends to the design and animation, it would have been quite a task.

Is it still good to create the banners in the ‘old’ style which I am accustomed to?

As with other creatives I do find advanced JS work tricky and in any case, using Greensock helps with understanding the basics of JS. Do I need an advanced knowledge of vanilla JS?

Are there any courses which you can recommend for my development?

Is there a resource where I can find tests for creating web banners?

My ultimate wish is to offer creating animated web banners in a freelance capacity in London. I am hoping the combination of my skills in creating web assets, as well as animating them in the banners will be in demand. Although saying that, there is often not a crossover from the design and coding worlds??

Be great to get your thoughts…..sorry I’ve gone on a bit……

Thank you.

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