Webinar Invitation: Top 5 Unit Testing Problems in C++ Legacy CodeandHow to Solve Them



Typemock is hosting a webinar on the top 5 problems unit testing C++
Legacy Code and how to solve them.
The webinar will be held on Friday, September 23, at 10:00 AM EDT /
3:00 PM UK

Legacy code is a real problem with C++ applications. With so many
developers working on the same codebase over time – decades even --
your code gets complicated and full of dependencies.

Unit testing is often the best solution to ensure that your legacy
code does what it’s supposed to do. But sometimes unit testing C++
legacy code can be problematic.
You’re invited to a webinar, where you will learn how to:

• deal with global C functions
• deal with private calls to functions that you want to avoid • deal
with your code creating objects that you want to ignore • test when
there is no external state to check • simulate values that are
returned by reference

In addition, we’re giving away a license of Isolator++ and two t-
shirts to some lucky winners.

Register here: http://www.typemock.com/cpp-top-5-unit-testing-problems-webinar


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