where to put global testing value


Robin Becker

A user complains that under AppEngine I'm not allowed to import __main__.

I can fix this issue merely by putting a try block around the offending import
which is only used like this

import __main__
testing = getattr(__main__,'_rl_testing',False)
del __main__

this is only used as a hack way, during testing, to modify the behaviour of the
importing module (a proxy for a C extension). During testing we keep both the C
version and the supposed replacement of various functions so they can be tested
against each other


Is there a more reasonable way to allow changes to module level globals before
the import takes place? I guess since this module is supposed only to be
imported by reportlab we can put this sort of thing onto the reportlab module
itself, but that could possibly lead to import loops.

Any ideas?

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