which async framework?


Chris Withers

Hi All,

I see python now has a plethora of async frameworks and I need to try
and pick one to use from:

- asyncio/tulip
- tornado
- twisted

From my side, I'm looking to experimentally build a network testing
tool that will need to speak a fair few network protocols, both classic
tcp and multicast-based, and have a web api living on top of it that
most likely will have a websocket for pumping data to the browser.

I'd like to be able to serve the rest of the web api using a pyramid
wsgi app if possible, and I'd like to be able to write the things that
process requests in and validation out in a synchronous fashion, most
likely spinning off a thread for each one.

The protocols are all financial (do we really not have a pure-python FIX
library?!) but none are likely to have existing python implementations.

How should I pick between the options? What would people recommend and why?




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