Windows Authentication problems


Scott H.

I'm trying to use the Windows Authentication security option for a VB.NET
windows application that uses a web service to communicte to SQL Server 2008.
I have cofigured a server using Server 2008 as the Active Directory domain
controller. I have added another Server 2008 server to the domain. The second
server has IIS and SQL Server 2008 installed as well as my web service.

I created a group with users on the AD controller and added the group to SQL
Server 2008 with access to my database.

I would like to enable Windows Authentication and disable Anonymous
Authentication in IIS.

I log into a Vista machine that belongs to the domain using one of the user
accounts that belongs to the group that has privleges in SQL Server.

If I disable Anonymous Authentication and enable Windows Authenticaiton in
IIS, I can’t even access the web service from the Vista machine.

If I enable Anonymous Authentication in IIS, I can access the web service,
but I receive the following error in the my application Login failed for

I wrote a windows application that uses integrated security that does not
use the web service to access the database that works fine. So I believe the
security and the permissions in SQL Server are ok.

I don’t understand why I can’t logon to a client machine that is on the
domain with a domain user account and access my web service when Windows
Authenticaion is enabled in IIS?


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