I have problems with this method.

I have programmed this wx.Listctrl:

self.ListCtrlMarks = wx.ListCtrl(self.panel, -1, style = wx.LC_REPORT)

vs.Add(self.ListCtrlMarks, 1, wx.EXPAND | wx.ALL, 4)

self.ListCtrlMarks.InsertColumn(0, "Name")
self.ListCtrlMarks.InsertColumn(1, "Note")
self.ListCtrlMarks.InsertColumn(2, "Film")
self.ListCtrlMarks.InsertColumn(3, "Init")
self.ListCtrlMarks.InsertColumn(4, "End")

self.ListCtrlMarks.SetColumnWidth(1, 80)
self.ListCtrlMarks.SetColumnWidth(2, 80)
self.ListCtrlMarks.SetColumnWidth(3, 40)
self.ListCtrlMarks.SetColumnWidth(4, 40)

later i introduced values in each column.
What i want to programm is :
- when i select the row and i press a button called "Change Name"
i wanto to can edit the Name and introduce the new value.

I tried it with:(the next code lines are in the function that is
called when the buttton "Change Name" is pressed.)

# I get the row selected index


I thought that so it would work. But does not work.
Don't let me to edit new Name Value

Thank you


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