Fosdem : Developers Room, Presence

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Thomas Riboulet, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. hi everyone,

    This mail will mostly interest europeans Rubyists/Railists, but others
    are welcome to read it, answer and participate too :)

    In next February the Sixth Fosdem (Free and OpenSource Developers'
    European Meeting) will be held in Brussels, Belgium. Like each year
    there is some special rooms for projects/communities (mozilla, drupal,
    kde, gnome, python, openbsd, perl, linux, ...). A call for presence
    has been made for next year : to
    allow projects and communities to book a room.

    Ruby and Rails are becoming more and more popular in Europe so I think
    it could be great to have a developer room to allow lot of Rubyist to
    see irl and talk/work/hack/whatever.

    If nobody is already planning something (I didn't see anything in the
    archives I can manage the thing receive emails and do the
    communication with the Fosdem's guys.
    For a start a wiki with few pages could do the thing and allow
    everyone to tell when they want to come and if they want to do

    So I got few questions :
    - is there anyone already planning something for Ruby or/and Rails ?
    - who could be interested in : doing talks, just coming to hack, etc ... ?
    - who plans to go to the fosdem ?

    As explained in the Fosdem Call for Presence we could book a room to
    allow us to have a rendez vous point, a place to idle, talk, hack, etc
    ... but for that we need to have decided if :
    - we want a room
    - we want a room for half a day, a whole day, the two days ?
    - how many we are going to be

    So ? What do you think ?
    Any help, and remarks are welcomed.

    French F/OSS developer/administrator
    Thomas Riboulet, Nov 15, 2005
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  2. Re: [Rails] Fosdem : Developers Room, Presence

    To make it easier I've setted up a wiki :

    On 11/16/05, Paul Robinson <> wrote:
    > On 16 Nov 2005, at 11:06, Thomas Riboulet wrote:
    > > you can hang out where ever you want and with who you want. There is
    > > lot of place to stay and hang out there.

    > Yeah, I was looking at hotels - the Novotel is one I think I've
    > stayed in before and does an excellent breakfast, IIRC... :)
    > Generally it sounds like a pretty chilled out event. Sounds fun. I'll
    > pack a water pistol just in case though...
    > > The main idea behind the Developers' Room is simply to give projects
    > > and communities a rendez vous point and a ''calm'' place to work/hack.
    > > Generally there is a black/white board where you can work with others,
    > > plenty of tables and power sockets, etc ...
    > >
    > > I really like Fosdem because I think it's a nice place to meet irl
    > > other people, hang out a bit , work, get things moving, learning about
    > > projects, etc ...

    > Yeah, that sounds cool. If others are going, I say we try and get
    > ourselves a working room and we hack around a bit. If it's just 'me
    > and thee', then I'm sure the bar will be able to hold our laptops.
    > I will try and get things booked in a couple of weeks, thereby
    > committing myself to going. ;-)
    > --
    > Paul Robinson -
    > "Cogito, ergo sum." -- Descartes
    > _______________________________________________
    > Rails mailing list

    Thomas Riboulet, Nov 22, 2005
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