Active Directory and Roles

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Security' started by MasterChief, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. MasterChief

    MasterChief Guest

    I have configured my web.config file so now I can log in using Active
    Directory. Now I have an admin page. How do I go about setting it up so
    only certain people can get into that page? I have seen things about
    roles and azman and adam. Is this what I should be using? Are there an
    good beginner tutorials on this topic? I am new to security in ASP.NET
    MasterChief, Mar 3, 2006
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  2. Haven't done much using ASP.NET
    But in ASP.NEt1.1 see
    How to configure and implement a Role based Windows Authentication
    Patrick.O.Ige, Mar 31, 2006
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  3. that solution ( needs to have
    impersonation. If you don't want to switch impersonation on, you should
    think about using e.g. COM+ component which could be started under special
    Windows-account and has rights to work with AD. This component could be used
    from ASP.NET to get user roles for the current visitor.
    Alexey Smirnov, Apr 2, 2006
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