Actuate Report URLS in Internet Explorer


Bronwyn Howard

We're running a java application (jdk 1.4.1_02-b06), with the actuate
e.reporting libraries included in our application. We create .jod
files through the Formula One application, for each of the reports we
require, and launch them within our application in PREVIEW mode.

The actual report itself is launched within the application, ie it
does not launch a browser window for display. Within the reports
there are links named "https://". I checked the jod file, and these
are in fact set up using basic fields, where the data type value is
"set as url".

When one of these urls is clicked, it opens a browser window, and the
page is displayed in there. For instance, the value of the "https://"
url could be, when when the link is clicked, the
actuate page will launch in a browser window for display.

The problem occurs when Internet Explorer is not installed on the
machine (the problem is occuring on a Windows machine). There could
be any type of browser installed and set as default, however when the
link it clicked, the report will always attempt to launch the page in
an Internert Explorer window. If Internet Explorer is not installed,
the message "Given Browser Path "c:\program files\internet
explorer\iexplore.exe is not correct" is displayed.

Since I'm running with a windows version where IE is installed by
default, I'm not able to uninstall it to do the level of testing I'd
like, but I have set my default browser to Netscape, and I've also
renamed the ieexplore.exe file in an attempt to replicate an IE
uninstall and I've been able to replicate the problem in this way.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Actuate support are giving
me the run-around, and the client's are still asking for the answer.
I'm currently setting up a test app to send to Actuate, but I fear
they'll just ignore the problem again.


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