Advanced C++ FAQs: Volume 1 : Fundamentals

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This book is not an introduction to C++. It assumes that the reader is aware of the basics of C++98 and C++03 and is keen to expand her horizon to latest and greatest in the present and future of C++, including C++11 and C++1y(aka C++14). It contains selected fundamental problems with detailed solutions to all of these which will help the reader to hone her skills to solvea particular problem.

Brief ToC :

1 Algorithms
1.1 Efficient Insertion in Vector
1.2 reverse algorithm for forward iterators
1.3 swapping equal length sections
1.4 swapping unequal sections
1.5 rotate algorithm
1.6 rotate vs. swap ranges
1.7 Generic Slide Function
1.8 Generic Gather Function
1.9 Avoid Raw Loops
1.10 rotation for bidirectional iterators
1.11 rotation for forward iterators
1.12 Implementation of std::rotate algorithm
1.13 better algorithm than std::rotate
1.14 reverse algorithm for bidirectional iterators
1.15 reverse algorithm for bidirectional and random iterators
1.16 reverse algorithm dispatch
1.17 Efficient Algorithm for reverse
1.18 Definition : Partition Algorithm
1.19 Taxonomy : Permutation
1.20 Partition Structure Validation
1.21 is partitioned algorithm
1.22 Bisection Algorithm
1.23 Group Partition
1.24 Quantifier Algorithm : All
1.25 advance and next
1.26 custom iota
1.27 Quantifier Algorithm : None

2 Utilities
2.1 std::move is rvalue cast
2.2 std::move if noexcept
2.3 std::forward
2.4 constraint class HasEqual
2.5 EqualityComparable
2.6 is same

3 Templates
3.1 alias template
3.2 template parameter pack
3.3 override virtual and template
3.4 virtual member function template
3.5 explicit specialization and static member
3.6 template argument and type-id
3.7 template and template-id


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