Ajax TabContainer behaviour like Windows TabControl?

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Mohsin Khan, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Mohsin Khan

    Mohsin Khan Guest


    I am working on a website where i am creating Horizontal Menus Dynamically
    from database as per rights available to the user. I have several
    UserControls. And the Menu control also brings UserControl's URL stored in
    Database while Page load.

    There is a TabContainer control below the Menu Control.

    Now i want to add corresponding UserControl dynamically when user clicks on
    any MenuItem. also want to load data while UserControl loaded.

    Page PostBack is the enemy of all Web Developers... and so is mine..

    I don't want to load already added userControls again, everytime the user
    clicks any new MenuItem as when menuitem click start postback. The
    Application is very much data driven, loading heavy data again and again
    would not be the greatway to deal with.

    Only the selected usercontrol should be added and it should not effect any
    other things on page like Windows TabControl. Think like Windows TabControl
    where we can switch between windows and we receive that previous tab in
    status we left.

    I know it's not at all a easy thing but it is possible.. i m refering a lots
    of things but still

    Pls help me with this issue... Awesome u>>
    Mohsin Khan, Aug 12, 2008
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  2. Mohsin Khan

    nil Guest


    As much i know..Tabcontainer will load everything first time itself
    and won't load controls or data in it when you select particular
    tab...it may degrade the performance if you are having more than two
    tab and fetching heavy data..then it will take time to load your page
    for the first time..

    if you find any proper solution then just let me know about it...
    nil, Aug 13, 2008
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  3. Mohsin Khan

    Mohsin Khan Guest

    Hi! nil,

    Thanks for atleast replying my post.

    Actually i m stucked here in this project..

    The thing is when i am clicking any MenuItem ,corresponding TabControl
    is getting added in TabContainer but TabContainer due to page Postback is
    losing the last added Tab. Means it is showing only the Latest added Tab on
    every menuItem click.

    Then i tried keeping Menu Control in Update Panel so that whole page will
    not refreshed. In this way it's not even adding any UserControl on
    TabContainer. It is going with in the Eventhandler but seems to be like
    update panel asynchronous postback is not happening. when i debugged this
    then i got that everything is null. even UserControl object is also null
    which MenuItem click is bringing from server side...

    don't know exactly what's happening here..

    Please pls pls help me... anyways thanks for all. Guys, waiting for
    replies .
    Mohsin Khan, Aug 14, 2008
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