[ANN] aws/s3 0.3.0 release

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Marcel Molina Jr., Dec 22, 2006.

  1. aws/s3 is client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API

    0.3.0 is a feature release along with several enhancements and bug fixes
    reported by the community.

    One important bug fix is a SignatureDoesNotMatch exception that was popping
    up for people on ruby 1.8.5.

    One new feature is richer logs with accessors for each field of a log file


    sudo gem update aws-s3


    - Ensure content type is eventually set to account for changes made to
    Net::HTTP in Ruby version 1.8.5. Reported by [David Hanson , Stephen
    Caudill, Tom Mornini <>]

    - Add :persistent option to connections which keeps a persistent connection
    rather than creating a new one per request, defaulting to true. Based on a
    patch by [Metalhead <>]

    - If we are retrying a request after rescuing one of the retry exceptions,
    rewind the body if its an IO stream so it starts at the beginning. [Jamis

    - Ensure that all paths being submitted to S3 are valid utf8. If they are
    not, we remove the extended characters. Ample help from [Jamis Buck]

    - Wrap logs in Log objects which exposes each line as a Log::Line that has
    accessors by name for each field.

    - Various performance optimizations for the extensions code. [Roman LE
    NEGRATE <>]

    - Make S3Object.copy more efficient by streaming in both directions in

    - Open up Net:HTTPGenericRequest to make the chunk size 1 megabyte, up from 1

    - Add S3Object.exists?

    Marcel Molina Jr., Dec 22, 2006
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