[ANN] bbfreeze 1.1.2


Ralf Schmitt


I've just released bbfreeze 1.1.2. The code is available from pypi


or from github


bbfreeze creates stand-alone executables from python scripts. It's
similar in purpose to the well known py2exe for windows, py2app for OS
X, PyInstaller and cx_Freeze (in fact ancient versions were based on
cx_Freeze. And it uses the modulegraph package, which is also used by

It has the following features:

easy installation
bbfreeze can be installed with setuptools' easy_install command.

zip/egg file import tracking
bbfreeze tracks imports from zip files and includes whole egg files
if some module is used from an eggfile. Packages using setuputils'
pkg_resources module will now work (new in 0.95.0)

binary dependency tracking
bbfreeze will track binary dependencies and will include DLLs and
shared libraries needed by a frozen program.

multiple script freezing
bbfreeze can freeze multiple scripts at once.

python interpreter included
bbfreeze will create an extra executable named 'py', which might be
used like the python executable itself.

automatic pathname rewriting
pathnames in tracebacks are replaced with relative pathnames
(i.e. if you import package foo.bar from /home/jdoe/pylib/
tracebacks generated from functions in foo.bar will not show your
local path /home/jdoe/pylib/foo/bar.py. They will instead show

distutils command 'bdist_bbfreeze'
A new distutils/setuptools command bdist_bbfreeze integrates
bbfreeze into your setup.py.

bbfreeze works on windows and UNIX-like operating systems. bbfreeze
has been tested with python 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 bbfreeze will not
work with python 3 or higher.


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