ANN: Gotham Ruby Conference Registration Open

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Jennifer Lindner, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Registration is now open for Gotham Ruby Conference, May 22nd in New =20
    York City:

    The Gotham Ruby Conference (GoRuCo) is a one-day event that will take =20=

    place in New York City on May 22nd, 2010. It will be a technical =20
    conference aimed at highly motivated programmers interested in all =20
    things Ruby. You=92ll spend the day among Rubyists, Rails developers, =20=

    and language enthusiasts in New York City, home of Silicon Alley.

    Hear the following folks:

    =95 Paul Dix on performant web service clients
    =95 Nick Gauthier on faster testing
    =95 James Golick on scaling lessons learned
    =95 Aman Gupta on memory profiling
    =95 Alex MacCaw on building desktop applications with Bowline
    =95 Luke Melia on managing Ruby teams
    =95 Chris Williams on caching with JavaScript

    See the full lineup of speakers here: =
    Jennifer Lindner, Apr 23, 2010
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