ANN: Python cgkit v2.0.0alpha6 & Maya Python package


Matthias Baas

The sixth alpha release of version 2 of the Python Computer Graphics
Kit is available at

This release also comes with a "preview" version of a Maya Python
package that integrates Python into the 3D tool Maya.

What is it?

The Python Computer Graphics Kit is a generic 3D package written in
C++ and Python that can be used for a variety of domains such as
scientific visualization, photorealistic rendering, Virtual Reality or
even games. The package contains a number of generic modules that can
be useful for any application that processes 3D data. This includes
new types such as vectors, matrices and quaternions. Furthermore, the
package can read and store 3D models in memory where they can be
manipulated by Python programs. The kit comes with tools that can be
used to display the scene either interactively or by rendering it
offline via a RenderMan renderer.

What's new?

- Smoother compilation under OSX

- Some new modules like "glslangparams" to read shader parameters from
an OpenGL 2 shader source file and "hammersley" to generate Hammersley
and Halton points.

- Initial support for Lightwave LWOB files.

- + more bugfixes and enhancements (see the changelog).

Windows binary versions are available for Python 2.3 - 2.5.

For more information, visit:

Feedback is most welcome...

- Matthias -


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