ANN: Python Computer Graphics Kit v2.0.0alpha5


Matthias Baas

The fifth alpha release of version 2 of the Python Computer Graphics
Kit is available at

What is it?

The Python Computer Graphics Kit is a generic 3D package written in
C++ and Python that can be used for a variety of domains such as
scientific visualization, photorealistic rendering, Virtual Reality or
even games. The package contains a number of generic modules that can
be useful for any application that processes 3D data. This includes
new types such as vectors, matrices and quaternions. Furthermore, the
package can read and store 3D models in memory where they can be
manipulated by Python programs. The kit comes with tools that can be
used to display the scene either interactively or by rendering it
offline via a RenderMan renderer.

What's new?

- Easier usage as external dependencies are delayed until they are
really used. This makes it easier to use most parts of the package
even when you do not have PIL or PyOpenGL installed.

- To further ease installation you can opt to install a 'light'
version which is implemented in pure Python. This light version only
has limited functionality (basically it provides the functionality of
cgkit1) but it has no dependencies at all (neither at runtime nor at
installation time (no C/C++ compiler required!)) and runs virtually
anywhere (this should also work on your mobile phone :).

- New BezierCurve object that is modelled after the spline shape in
MAX (MAX spline shapes can actually be exported with a special

- New MotionPath component to animate objects or sample curves at
regular intervals.

- The RMShader class does not need an external preprocessor anymore
(which makes life easier for Windows user).

- + quite a few more enhancements and bugfixes (see the changelog).

Windows binary versions are available for Python 2.3 and Python 2.4.

For more information, visit:

- Matthias -


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