[ANN] QtRuby 1.0.6/Korundum 3.4 beta1/KDevelop HEAD


Richard Dale




   QtRuby 1.0.6
   Korundum 3.4 beta1
KDevelop cvs HEAD (forthcoming release 3.2)


   Ruby bindings for the Qt and KDE GUI apis, combinded with an IDE for RAD


   Highlights from the QtRuby ChangeLog

   * qError(), qWarning() and qFatal() are now Object instance methods,
rather than Qt module methods.

   * Many inspect() and pretty_print() methods added to improve debugging

   * The QObjects in a QObjectList were not being created with the exact
ruby class if they hadn't been allocated from within the ruby code, and
just left as Qt::Objects

   * Fixed bug in lower case/underscore method naming to camel case

   * Added a work round for a bug caused by an incompatibility between
QtRuby the 'require time' statement

   * The qtruby runtime needs to be able to run the code for an initialize()
method up to the point where the C++ instance has been constructed and
wrapped, and then jump out. It then re-runs initialize() with the wrapped
instance. Before a callcc() call had been used for the jumping which
worked fine. However, it made the frame stack look strange when debugging
code with the KDevelop debugger. The fix is to use catch and throw
instead, as they leave the stack in a more normal looking state.

   * Kernel has a method called open() which takes a String as the first
argument. But when a call is made to an open() method in the Qt classes,
it messes up the method_missing() logic to divert it to the Smoke
library. Instead it attempts to call the Kernel method with the wrong arg

   * The problem is fixed by calling the appropriate method based on the
type of the first arg. However, it is no longer possible to override
virtual methods called 'open'. 

   Highlights from the Korundum ChangeLog

   * More inspect() and pretty_print() methods for common classes to improve

   * Fixed crashes in the KURL::List marshalling.

KDevelop Ruby Support

* Integrated Qt Designer KPart component for creating UIs graphically
* Source code debugger
* Code folding/Syntax highlighting
* Templates for Qt and KDE project types
* Class browser with support for Qt features such as signals/slots,
or KDE dcop signals slots


   See the qtruby/README.build file for details of configuration, building and


   Linux, BSD*, Unix etc
   Mac OS X


   Richard Dale
   Alexander Kellett


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   KDE 3.0 Tutorial

   RAD with KDevelop using Ruby/Qt/KDE


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