[ANN]: 'tsshbatch', Batch ssh Tool, Version 1.134 Released


Tim Daneliuk

'tsshbatch' Version 1.134 is now released and available for download at:


This is the first public release.

What Is 'tsshbatch'?

'tsshbatch' is a tool to enable you to issue a command to many
servers without having to log into each one separately. When writing
scripts, this overcomes the 'ssh' limitation of not being able to
specify the password on the command line.

'tsshbatch' also understands basic 'sudo' syntax and can be used
to access a server, 'sudo' a command, and then exit.

'tsshbatch' thus allows you to write complex, hands-off scripts that
issue commands to many servers without the tedium of manual login and
'sudo' promotion. System administrators, especially, will find this
helpful when working in large server farms.

'tsshbatch' is written in Python and requires the 'paramiko library.
It has been tested on various Linux and FreeBSD variants as well
as cygwin on MS-Windows.


Complete details of all fixes, changes, and new features can be found in
the WHATSNEW.txt and documentation files included in the distribution.

A FreeBSD port has been submitted as well.


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