Announcing: ACM SIGAPL APL2007 -- Arrays and Objects

Discussion in 'Perl Misc' started by Mike Kent, May 27, 2007.

  1. Mike Kent

    Mike Kent Guest

    The APL 2007 conference, sponsored by ACM SIGAPL,
    has as its principal theme "Arrays and Objects" and,
    appropriately, is co-located with OOPSLA 2007, in
    Montreal this October.

    APL 2007 starts with a tutorial day on Sunday, October 21, followed by a
    two-day program on Monday and Tuesday, October 22 and 23.

    APLers are welcome to attend OOPSLA program events on Monday and Tuesday
    (and OOPSLA attendees are welcome to come to APL program events).

    Registrants at APL 2007 can add full OOPSLA attendance at a favorable price.


    Sunday Oct 21 Tutorials
    Monday, Tuesday Oct 22,23 APL 2007 program
    Monday-Friday Oct 22-26 OOPSLA program

    APL 2007 keynote speaker: Guy Steele, Sun Microsystems Laboratories


    Using objects within APL

    Array language practicum

    Intro to [language] for other-language users
    ( We expect that there will be at least one introductory
    tutorial on "classic" APL, and hope to have introductions
    to a variety of array languages )

    We solicit papers and proposals for tutorials, panels and workshops on
    all aspects of array-oriented programming and languages; this year we
    have particular interest in the themes of

    integrating the use of arrays and objects

    languages that support the use of arrays as a
    central and thematic technique

    marketplace and education: making practitioners aware of
    array thinking and array languages

    Our interest is in the essential use of arrays in programming in any
    language (though our historical concern has been the APL family of
    languages: classic APL, J, K, NIAL, ....).


    Tutorial, panel, and workshop proposals, and notice of intent to
    submit papers, are due by Friday June 15, to the Program Chair.

    Contributed papers, not more than 10 pages in length, are due
    by Monday, July 23, to the Program Chair. Details of form of
    submission can be obtained from the program chair.

    Deadline for detailed tutorial/panel/workshop information TBA.

    Cost (to SIGAPL and ACM members, approximate $US, final cost TBA)

    APL2007 registration $375
    Tutorial day $250
    Single conference days $200

    Social events: Opening reception Monday
    Others TBA

    Conference venue: Palais de Congres, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
    Conference hotel: Hyatt Regency Montreal


    General Chair Guy Laroque
    Program Chair Lynne C. Shaw
    Treasurer Steven H. Rogers

    Publicity Mike Kent


    OOPSLA 2007
    Palais de Congres
    Hyatt Regency Montreal

    Guy Steele

    Mike Kent, May 27, 2007
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  2. Mike Kent

    Paul Mansour Guest


    The OOPSLA site has a list of official co-located conferences which
    does not (yet) show the APL conference. Is the SigAPL conference going
    to be an officially co-located event with respect to OOPSLA?
    Paul Mansour, May 28, 2007
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  3. Mike Kent

    Paul Mansour Guest


    The APL2007 link does not go anywhere.
    Paul Mansour, May 28, 2007
  4. Mike Kent

    Mike Kent Guest

    My bad; I sent the message before the page was up.

    The correct link is
    Mike Kent, Jun 1, 2007
  5. Mike Kent

    Steve Guest

    Yes, it's on the ACM calendar. It should be on the OOPSLA colocated
    events page soon.

    # Steve
    Steve, Jun 1, 2007
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