Any master page issues?

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Mark B, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Mark B

    Mark B Guest

    I have done about 30 pages of a new site. I just experimented with applying
    a global theme that I downloaded from the net. It seemed to work as
    described, applying colors, fonts etc to all pages.

    Now I am thinking to create a Master Page so that I can have:

    - A company logo (top-left)
    - A horizontal navigation bar (top)
    - A standard copyright footer (bottom)

    I have just read through the help file on Master Pages.

    Before I go and:

    - Create a new master page with three 3 sections above
    - Modify the page directive to include: MasterPageFile="~/Master.master"

    Is there anything I may need to be aware of?
    Mark B, Jul 17, 2008
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  2. Not that it should stop you from using master pages, you just need to
    realize that the whole master page will land into the content page. So if
    you have relative url references in the master page, the starting point for
    them will be the directory with the content page, not with the master page.

    Eliyahu Goldin,
    Software Developer
    Microsoft MVP [ASP.NET]
    Eliyahu Goldin, Jul 17, 2008
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