Anyone wants to make this programming language? (in C)

Jun 1, 2022
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So I am working on this language "laté" and I've already done some basic things like the lexer, tokenization etc. I don't expect it to be a big thing but I wanted to ask if anyone would be intresting helping with this project. The syntax would be "java-like" but it would be procedural and low level. Some example code in laté:

import sys->io
import sys->files

// this is a comment
This is a comment

int main(char **arg[~500:@current:@end]) {

    println!("Hello, World!");
    char name[ This is the size of the variable's buffer ~12  :   this is on what line it'll check if the buffer has run out 13:  this is the line where the variable is no longer needed @end ];
    name = infs: short for input formatted string ("Enter your name: ");
    char file[~500:@current:@end] = loadf!("example.txt"); loads a file
    putf("document.txt", "This is a file"); creates a file

if your intrested contact me: あいき#7995


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