Arguments and a return value of a C function call when usingsetprofile


Michal Kwiatkowski


I'm trying to write code that will trace arguments and return values
of all function calls. Using sys.settrace with 'call' and 'return'
events works great for Python functions, but now I want to extend that
to C functions as well. Using sys.setprofile instead in theory gives
me what I need ('c_call' and 'c_return'), but I'm stuck on getting
actual arguments and return values.

A snippet of code is worth a thousand words, so here it is:

import inspect
import sys

def trace(frame, event, arg):
if event == 'call':
print "CALL", frame.f_code.co_name, "arguments:",
elif event == 'return':
print "RETURN", frame.f_code.co_name, "return value:", arg
elif event == 'c_call':
print "C_CALL", arg.__name__, "???"
elif event == 'c_return':
print "C_RETURN", arg.__name__, "???"

def func(x):
return x+1

func(1) # Python function
repr(2) # C function

For a 'c_call' event the trace function is called *before* the call,
so frame is still in the context of the caller. 'c_return' event is
invoked *after* the function has returned, so I don't get the return
value here either. That's why I can't use inspect.getargvalues in
those cases. Is there any other way I could get arguments and a return
value of a C function call?



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