Authenticating web srvices





Phillip Windell

If you mean Integrated Authentication,...the User and the Web Service need
to be on the same side of the proxy,...meaning the user does not go through
the proxy to get there.

I was trying intragrated but I also tried Digest but could not get to work

I am willing to use soap headers but was not clear on a few things. I was
trying to send soap headers and then use them to authenticate against forms
authentication. but could not get this to work. I could use a function to
check database but would need to use this for each and every web method,
while this is ok, I would rather use forms authentication and use

I have gone on to soothing else in the meantime, but still need to get it
do you have any advice,


Phillip Windell

When you say "web service" you are getting into web development with
ASP.Net. I am not a developer and would not have a clue,...I can barely
even spell "".

I don't think what you are trying to do with SOAP is even remotely possible
with Forms Based Authentication, but I could be wrong.

You could investigate Authenticaation methods here in the link below or in
the ISA's built in help,..but beyond that I have no idea.


Phillip Windell

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Troubleshooting Client Authentication on Access Rules in ISA Server 2004

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