Baccarat (card game) C++

Dec 8, 2017
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Hello Everyone,
I am currently beginning to learn to code in C++ and I am having a hard time setting up the code for this assignment. I am using the Wikipedia description of how the Casino card game Baccarat works but essentially I am needing it to generate a random number in a range and also I am needing to assign a "player" and "banker" with certain outputs if they receive certain random numbers which would result in picking a winner from the two. I'm not asking you to do the whole code, I am just asking if anyone knows how to generate random numbers in a range and how to assign the random event (one card being dealt) to the player/banker.
Also, since I am new to C++ is there any code that I need to put at the very beginning to help me generate the numbers and outcomes I need.

Anything will help. Thanks!


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