base64 decode then insert into SQL Server



Hello -
I am currently working on a project in classic ASP where I receive an
XML file that contains an encoded base64 string that I need to do the
following to:

1. Decode the base64 string for a binary write
2. Insert the decoded string into SQL Server for later binary writes

I have searched the web but I cannot find anything that works. There
are many decode functions available but I cannot insert the results
into SQL server.

Thanks in advance for any help.




Egbert Nierop \(MVP for IIS\)

I forgot to mention that the encoded string is a GIF image

there is no easy way to decode using script. If there is such code, it would
be -very- very slow.

If you want, I can compile a COM component for you, that can do it for you.
The input would be a base64 string, the output a byte array.




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