Bugs in Google Chrome Browser Beta

Discussion in 'HTML' started by cwdjrxyz, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. cwdjrxyz

    cwdjrxyz Guest

    You might find http://www.crn.com/security/210500382 interesting, as
    it describes some bugs for the Google Chrome browser including a
    security one that could be serious. Of course bugs are expected in a
    beta, but Chrome seems to have more than a fair share and much work
    seems necessary on it before it is ready for prime time.

    I have reported some bugs to Google Chrome. There apparently is some
    problem in the header exchange. Even though Chrome can view a page
    served properly as xhtml 1.1 with mime application/xhtml+xml, if you
    ask it in header exchange if it can, it apparently says no and in my
    case the page gets rewritten as xhtml 4.01 strict so it can be viewed
    by IE. Of course the page still works using html 4.01 strict. Chrome
    is supposed to be based a lot on the Safari and Firefox browsers, but
    at least the Safari for Windows browser and Firefox do not have this
    problem. Like Mozilla based browsers such as Firefox and Seamonkey, it
    confuses a html page embed with a frame when you view the source code
    with it giving a dropdown list labeled frame. Of course frames are not
    valid in html 4.01 strict and xhtml 1.1 and give a validation error at
    w3c although they may still work. One has to use a regular object and
    a rather obscure ActiveX object for IE with Microsoft conditional
    comments to get a proper embed of a html page that will work on most
    modern browsers.

    Chrome also has some issues with some embedded media players and in
    such cases one has to download the video or open the video player
    rather than streaming properly embedded in a web page. In this
    respect, it is much like Safari - at least Safari for Windows.

    At the url mentioned at the top of the page some of the discussion
    highly praised the not-too-well-know K-Meleon browser that I
    downloaded from http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/ . It is based a lot
    on the Firefox browser. They have a lot of plugins for media etc that
    you can download, but since I had most media working of Firefox, K-
    Melon found the proper plugins and I did not have to download any. It
    worked properly on the most severe torture test I have at
    http://www.cwdjr.net/video4/embedpageB.php . All media were properly
    embedded and did not require download or opening of a player on a full
    page. I can not make this statement of Opera, or Safari for Windows.
    The only mistake it made was calling a true html page embed a frame,
    as does Firefox and Google Chrome. K-Meleon is extremely fast. I have
    not played with it to know how much I will use it, but if I had to
    give up on Firefox as my main browser, K-Meleon likely would be the
    replacement for it.
    cwdjrxyz, Sep 11, 2008
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