C++ and C# developers… this is the Moment you have been waiting for!!



Do you feel it’s possible to smile each day on your way to AND from
work? How would you feel if you were actually excited to get to work
each day? What if you averaged 45 hours a week, worked with literally
the latest and greatest technology, and were viewed as an asset to the
company, instead of just a necessary evil? How about NO maintenance
work? What if you had the chance to continually work on new projects
and were involved in each phase of the development cycle? What if
there was zero bureaucracy and no difficult layers to go through to
get things accomplished? What if you were directly involved in
shaping the company and getting involved in both the technology and
business side? In this firm, they use technology to drive their
business and truly value their employee’s. If you have an idea, they
want to hear about it.

I’m looking for a few good people.. that want to grow within the
organization and finally take their careers seriously. We’re a fast
paced organization, within the financial trading industry. No bad
temperaments and no screaming. The technology you read about in
“Tech” magazines, is already 6 months old in this company. Very
mature company.. with virtually Zero Turnover. This isn’t one of
those horrible companies you always hear nightmares about.. this is a
place where you can literally retire.. comfortably!

I’m looking for:

1. C++ And/Or C# Developers out of a Multi-Threaded Environment
250-500k, depending on experience/expertise.. Prefer both Windows and
Unix, but if you have Stud Status, let’s talk. This is NOT WEB
development, this is application development. Must have current,
MULTI-Threaded development experience.
2. Trading/Financial Experience a HUGE PLUS!!


MUST have Green Card, EAD, TN Status, or be a US citizen.
Unfortunately we are unable to Sponsor. AND No Telecommuting and NO
Corp to Corp. This is a FULL TIME position located in Chicago,

If you don’t have Multi-Threaded experience, that is CURRENT,
unfortunately, we can not help you.

For more information and to be considered, please submit your resume.

Mike Laka
AVP Client Services
(e-mail address removed)




[job advert snipped]

Job ads are off topic in comp.lang.c++. This gives the impression
of an employer who is incompetent, abusive, or both. In any case,
it's somebody you want to stay far away from.

There are many places where job ads are welcome. Why not look there
to post or read a job ad?


[snip useless job ad]

Oh, and guess what. The company advertised in this bookaka is
a headhunter company, not the actual place with the job. So
these bozos are just trying to get a cut of you getting a job.



Jorgen Grahn

[job advert snipped]

Job ads are off topic in comp.lang.c++.

I'm not convinced this wasn't a really good parody ...
but I guess C++ job ad parodies aren't on-topic either.


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