C/Ubuntu ][ Problem in Buffer Overflow logic



Barry said:
I am not allowed to tell him it is not portable but you are allowed to
tell me I cannot tell him?

I don't know how you read that into my message. Tell him all you
like. What I asked was what makes you think he (nicolas) cares
about ANSI/ISO C portability, since it's obvious with what he's
helping the OP do that portability is the last thing on his mind.
But nobody is trying to stop you from telling him that it's not
portable under ANSI/ISO C, just as nobody is trying to stop you
from telling him that people need oxygen to survive.
I still don't see how this change involves calling function a.

Well, the OP knows how function a() gets called. That's all that
matters to me. Nobody is going to stop you from babbling on
about ANSI/ISO undefined behavior and nitpicking about function
return values in what is clearly scrap code, so feel free to do
so while the OP and I communicate in a useful manner for the
domain in which he's working.

Han from China




mmm as far as I am concerned, Han in my 2 posts has been really
exhaustive, and explained me things even too well.

Even if my requests weren't much precise, he succeeded in
understanding what i mean to say and treated every argument with

Only wanted to say my opinion... bye

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