C/Ubuntu ][ Problem in Buffer Overflow logic


George Orwell

i know this overflow things may seem as bad, malicious,

Yeah, but at the end of the day, bad and malicious programming is gonna
pull in the geek chicks. Chicks love bad boys. No chick wants to bang a
guy who spends his time writing tetris games or a device driver for a
tape drive.
in an italian forum ( i'm italian ) mod closed my topic for this reason :|
ignorant people usually consider bad things they don't understand, as
they don't understand what in italian we call "thirst of knowledge"

The good thing about comp.lang.c is that you don't have to worry about
mods. There are a few people here who no doubt wish they could be mods,
but freedom of speech triumphs. I think people who go on power trips with
moderation and topicality restriction are compensating for a lack of power
in other areas of their lives. Don't worry - you and I will be the ones
getting all the chicks. In fact, I'm thinking of going to Itality in the
near future, so if you want to hook your brother Han up with some tight
Italian pussy or perhaps get me a programming role in the mafia, I'll be
your best friend ever.
thanks alot.

You're very welcome.

Han from China

Il mittente di questo messaggio|The sender address of this
non corrisponde ad un utente |message is not related to a real
reale ma all'indirizzo fittizio|person but to a fake address of an
di un sistema anonimizzatore |anonymous system
Per maggiori informazioni |For more info



Richard Bos

rosario said:
if you believe the situation here in Italy is good it is an error.
we here are in free falling.
all goes wrong etc.
the food is danger for health,
the incompetence is in every place the eye can see etc etc.
for me 98% that is in the top of state,
not like to study, and not like to read a book,
and not have the school and the education

the result no one show intelligence here
almost all seems corrupt and false
the justice is not here etc

*Shrug* That's what you get for voting Tedesco.




Richard Bos

rosario said:
Richard Bos said:
rosario said:
if you believe the situation here in Italy is good it is an error.
*Shrug* That's what you get for voting Tedesco.

who is "Tedesco"?
i don't vote for German

Sindaco of Roma.

Oh, wait, I may have misspelled his name rather, due to having seen his
election posters when I was on holiday in that city last summer (during
those elections, in fact - that was "interesting"). Still - the meaning
stays the same, doesn't it?
(even if i think they are
the ones can understand how to stop crisis)
i didn't like these persons as "sindaco"[mayor]
and they not represent me so i vote a ugly word
in the election paper instead of the cross on the name
so my vote was null

Ah, so you _did_ vote for Tedesco.


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