C/Ubuntu ][ Problem in Buffer Overflow logic



mmm as far as I am concerned, Han in my 2 posts has been really
exhaustive, and explained me things even too well.

Even if my requests weren't much precise, he succeeded in
understanding what i mean to say and treated every argument with

Only wanted to say my opinion... bye

Happy to help. If you have any future questions about similar
topics, just post them to comp.lang.c, and either I or someone
else will gladly answer them for you. Best to ignore the
people telling you you're off-topic; you're not. I know that
in your thread "ENV vars" I suggested posting to comp.lang.c
*and* comp.unix.programmer, but after seeing that the replies on
comp.unix.programmer consisted of only bullying about your English
by people who also post to comp.lang.c, I wouldn't bother posting
to comp.unix.programmer at all in future.

Han from China


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