C++ VS C# for specific app

Jul 5, 2019
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Hello everyone

First post on the forum, been a long time since i did any serious coding but I have an idea for a sommer project and I hope you guys can help me get started.

I want to start learning a new language, specifically to design my own app and I'm looking at both C++ and C#.
I have experience with basic web-development in HTML, CSS and PHP and some iOS and android development - But never really for windows.

I want to build a planning program, that can sort projects/cases in a database that can hold all the information about the cases, including creating folders on a server or similar to store pictures and such.

The best solution would integrate MS outlook calendars, which can then assign each user/email to cases.

All i really want from you guys, is your best opinion on which language I should try and do this in - The easier the language the better, easy syntax is preferable but not necessary. I'm used to object-oriented programming, and I like the interface builder C#(visual studio) provides.
If you have any other language you think would suite me better I am open for suggestions!

TL;DR: C++ or C# for planning app/program that gets data from a database and integrates MS outlook.

Hope you can help


Nov 1, 2022
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Can't install Visual Studio 2022 in order to use C language​

Whenever I try to download Visual Studio 2022
in order to use C language,
It says: "Couldn't install Microsoft Visualcpp.Redist.14"
and also it says: "Setup completed with warnnings".
What can I do?

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