Can't Login to webapp, view tif's files when not logged in Server

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Security' started by JeffP-> , Oct 21, 2005.

  1. JeffP->

    JeffP-> Guest

    After re-booting the Win2K server, our ability to login to our web app is
    limited to loading the login page, but we get a typical invalid object,

    Then I login to the server, we can now get to the main menu, but either we
    get another error, because it can't load the menu, which is user specific
    from an SQL table via sProc, table(0) error.

    To cure, I login to the web app at the server console and now we can login
    from any workstation, but our image files, scanned tif files are not viewable.

    A few more clicks in IIS to stop & restart, opening the web app again at
    ther server and viola it's all working.

    FYI: I just today loaded my WebApp.Dev version to debug, that requires
    another post to get working.....


    JeffP-> , Oct 21, 2005
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