Checkboxes in TreeView control (ASP.NET 2.0)



Hi all.

I have some XMLle which looks like this:
<root name="Map">
<country name="Poland">
<city name="Gdansk"
<place name="Plac">
<city name="Krakow"
<place name="Starowka"
<place name="Wawel"
<country name="England"
<city name="Liverpool"
<place name="Some place"
<city name="London"
<place name="Another place"
<place name="Thames"

I bind this XML file to my TreeView control. In addition each node has
a checkbox next to it.
What I want to do is to check/uncheck all checkboxes from child nodes,
when checkbox in parent node was checked/unchecked e.g. I check
checkbox next to node England and I want checkboxes from nodes:
Liverpool, Some place, London, Another place and Thames to be checked
as well.

Is there some simple solution to my problem?

Thanks in advance,


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