Choosing GUI Module for Python


Dylan Palmboom

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Tkinter is deafult on python .
Is more easy to use any editor text (geany).
I don?t see a good IDE for GUI
Hi all
   I just wanted to know which module is best for developing designing
interface in python .
i have come across some modules which are listed here . please tell
your suggestions and comments to choose best one
 1. PyGTK
 2. PyQT
 3. PySide
 4.  wxPython
 5 . TKinter

Also i need to know is there any IDE for developing these things . . .

PyQt is an excellent toolkit for us at work. It has nice documentation and
very easy to learn.
We use Eclipse IDE at work with the PyDev workspace loaded for the coding.
Eclipse has nice features for integration with subversion all from one
so it makes it more manageable when you have more than 1 person working on a
There's only 2 of us here working together, but the subversion integration
our lives so much easier.

We use eclipse for gui design in code or we use Qt Creator which is very
intuitive to use if you want to design a gui visually. Also, there's a
python script we use
called MakePyQt that you can find here:
to convert the ui files from
Qt Creator to python files. Then all you need to do is implement these
generated python
files in your program and add functionality etc.


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