Cookie in the FF and IE



Hi everybody,

who can point me out to the reason of the following phenomen :

I use this function to set a cookie:
function setGlobalCookie (B, W, V) {
var A = 0, Value = '';

if (setGlobalCookie.arguments.length >= 2)
Value = W;

if (setGlobalCookie.arguments.length >= 3) {
var J = new Date();
A = new Date(J.getTime() + V);
A = A.toGMTString();

document.cookie = B + "=" + Value + "; expires=" + A + "; path=" +
"/EBO/II" + "/;";

The cookie gets set through the call

Then I check my project with two browsers : FireFox and IE.
To this aim I use this PHP-line :

$cook = $_COOKIE['Registrator'];

In the FF I have no problem with this code; everything works fine. The
IE does not report this cookie to the server, however; so the $cook
stays always empty.

What can cause this?



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