Dec 20 Global Python & All Free SW HW Culture meeting - BerkeleyTIP



A great December Solstice to you & yours. :)

JOIN the Global All Free SW, HW, Culture meeting via VOIP
Dec 20 Sunday, 12N-3PM (Pacific = UTC-8) = 3P-6P Eastern = 8P-11P UTC
[Jan 2009 meetings: 2nd, 17th - mark your calendar]

Mark Shuttleworth Interview - 10.04 Lucid Larynx
Learning from Code History , Andreas Zeller
Why does my program fail? Your version history might have the answer.
Audio Hardware Enablement Session, UbuntuDevelopersSummit in Dallas
Distributed Development, UDS in Dallas
Splunk, Jeremy Thurgood CLUG
Upstart, Stefano Rivera CLUG
Interfacing with the real world, Mark Ter Morshuizen, Marc Welz CLUG
Accelerating Graphics; Camp KDE 2009

== Join the MAILING LIST & tell us which videos you will watch & why:

== JOIN the meeting via IRC & VOIP:
Come discuss any & everything, & work on your individual or group

HOT TOPICS: Ub or KUb 9.10?, Ubuntu 10.04 plans, Android, Python3000 in

Start on the #berkeleytip channel, & we'll help you get
your VOIP system up & working. For VOIP SW, & connection info, see:

Berkeley meeting LOCATION: Watch the website & mail list for latest
details, perhaps at the Berkeley Public Library, or a cafe, due to Free
Speech Cafe closed for winter break.

== OPPORTUNITIES to VOLUNTEER or learn new JOB SKILLS for 2010:
Help set up our: Mailing list, FreeSwitch VOIP server, website
Inquire & discuss at the meeting.

== For Forwarding - You are invited to forward this announcement
wherever it would be appreciated.

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