Sunday 20th Global Python Mtg via VOIP - BerkeleyTIP - for forwarding



Get a VOIP headset, Install VOIP client SW, & join the global Python
meeting this
Sunday Sept 20, 12N-3P Pacific Daylight Savings Time (UTC-8),
3P-6P Eastern, (7P-10P UTC?)

Lots of great, exciting new things for Python users,
as we start Year 2 of the Global FSW GNU(Linux)/BSD,
Free HW, Free Culture, TIP meetings:
TIP = Talks, Installfest, Project/Programing Party.
Educational, Productive, Social.

Join with the meeting from your home via VOIP,
or create a local meeting at your local college wifi cafe.

Quick announcement. We're starting up BTIP year 2, for the 2009-10
school year.

September Videos: Puppet language, Python mystery talks, CampKDE

This year 2 we'll be focusing on
1) Inviting UC Berkeley students via poster/flyers
2) Getting local meetings going at California colleges
3) Getting invitations out to more American countries
4) Getting topic groups (OLPC, Python, KDE & GNOME, BSD, Ubuntu, etc)
having simultaneous meetings.
5) Improving our VOIP server, perhaps upgrading to FreeSwitch.

Come join the Sept 20 Sunday meeting, get on voip, chat, discuss the
videos, work on your own projects & share them with others, help educate
students, & help work on the group projects.

Join #berkeleytip on, & we'll help you get your VOIP HW
& SW working. :)

Join the mailing lists & say hi, tell us what you are interested in.

You are invited to forward this message anywhere it would be welcomed.

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