Django Weekend Cardiff


D.M. Procida

(With apologies if you have already seen this on another email list or

The UK's first-ever Django conference will take place on the 7th-9th
February 2014 in Cardiff, Wales.


The programme for the event:

Friday: tutorials and demonstrations (also open to the public)
Saturday: talks
Sunday: code sprints and clinics

The conference is Django-focused, but all of all aspects of Python fall
within its remit - particularly in the tutorials and workshops.

A venue has been booked at Cardiff University.

Registration and ticket sales will open soon, as well as a call for

To be a success, the conference needs the support of:

* people in Wales, the UK and beyond who will participate as
attendees or volunteers
* speakers who'd like to give talks or conduct tutorials
* organisations locally and internationally willing to provide
sponsorship or other support

If you can offer support, please get in touch.

One of the aims of the conference is to establish it as an annual event
that will raise the profile in Wales of open-source software in general
and Python in particular, and also bolster the local open-source
software community here.

Above all, however, the intention is to establish the Django Weekend in
Cardiff as a meaningful and enjoyable date in the Django/Python

We'll publish updates on our website, our Twitter account
<> and elsewhere as appropriate.



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